Installation from sources

This is actually very easy. Only drawback is, you (script) will will need to install some development tools in order to build and make work everything correctly.

You will need to initially install git, everything else is downloaded automatically later by script.

Supported platforms

  • amd64 - tested on various VMs and barebone machines
  • aarch64 - tested on RockPro64 board
    Note: many ARM cpus don't have crypto extension, which come really handy in smithproxy!

Distribution support

Directly supported:

  • Ubuntu >= 18.04 (and derivatives including Kali Linux)
  • Fedora >= 31
  • Debian >= 10
  • Alpine >= 3.11

Above distros have specific support in the OS detection script, which will install dependencies as needed. You can just skip to A/ or B/.
Of course, building from sources works in docker container too.

Unsupported distros

  • Amazon linux 2 - proven to not work due to ancient/conservative software versions.

Directly unsupported - may work

Any other ditribution may, but doesn't have to, work correctly.

If in doubt, first check compiler. It must be capable to compile C++17 sources (for GCC it's >= 8.3). To install all dependencies, have a look in tools/docker/0.9/run where is Find most similar distribution and try to download dependencies yourself.
Good Luck!

A. Use installer script

wget -O - | sh -

B. Get sources yourself

git clone -b master
cd smithproxy
./ &&

Note: you can replace master from above snippet with your desired version or tag which is >= 0.9. This is also what installer from chapter A/ is doing.